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Empowering Teachers. Transforming Education.

In my 30 years of teaching, this is the best training of my career!

Mr Tasker

Year 6 Teacher, Thomas Arnold Primary, Dagenham


Primary Matters is an education company supporting schools in their development and progress through our bespoke inset and ongoing support.

We are privileged to work with both state and private schools across the UK, enabling all schools to flourish. We have moved schools which require improvement to good in 18 months, good schools to outstanding, even supporting outstanding schools to go beyond!

There is huge pressure for schools to achieve the best possible results, with dwindling budgets, and a desire to address the impact of Covid 19 on our children’s well being and learning.

Let us help you move forward and reinvigorate your curriculum, teaching and school community.

I have seen at first hand the impact of Primary Matters training. Teachers and other staff leave the training invigorated. They have seen the possibility of making learning irresistible, received support in planning stages and developed practical resources. They leave with professional confidence.

If you want better results, improved attitudes, and brighter children, have a look at PrimaryMatters. The staff will enjoy it too!

Mick Waters

Professor of Education, Wolverhampton University