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Our Approach and Impact

Our Approach

We don’t believe in simply presenting ideas and theories to you. Instead we involve you in practical workshops and planning sessions equipping you to implement transformational teaching and learning in your schools.

We’ll develop and enhance the way you think about teaching and learning and give you ideas and resources so that you can facilitate inspiring and memorable learning.

An absolutely fantastic inset which inspired and energized my staff. Fantastic resources, ideas and work shared to demonstrate how total immersion is beneficial to children’s learning. Nicky and the team were totally passionate about the training which they gave and every school should book them today.

Jacqui Marriot

Head of Pre-Prep, Cheam School, Headley

Our Impact

Primary Matters has been working with schools since 2004. Over this period, we have worked with a diverse range of schools throughout the UK. After working with Primary Matters, every single one of these schools have moved forward with the majority achieving the next standard, and all reporting input on learning strengths, behaviour, attendance, pupil outcomes and the school profile.

Schools who work with us consistently tell us that our dynamic approach leaves teachers inspired and enthused about the joy of teaching. We’d love to show you more about what we can offer you too!

Before Primary Matters came to deliver training for our staff, we were on a journey to further develop and enhance our curriculum. However, we were slightly uncertain of how to do this and what was missing. We also wanted to ensure our staff were a part of the development, so they would be fully invested. During the training, it became apparent that the immersive and independent approaches were missing. Even though our curriculum design provides opportunities for links and connections to be made across our topics, we learnt how to deepen these further, through immersion and child led activities. The training has left our staff 'thirsty' to update our curriculum approach through engaging and immersive activities and opportunities.

The ideas and examples shared by the Primary Matters team of trainers, through their excellent subject knowledge and pedagogical approach to teaching and learning, will ensure our curriculum goes from strength to strength, enabling our children to learn a curriculum they truly deserve.

Terina King

Head of School, Thomas Arnold Primary School, Dagenham

Lovely to start the term with such inspirational sessions. I was so grateful and very pleased with all the delivered messages and the engagement from staff. Thank you - you worked so hard and I appreciate the fact that you carefully and sensitively delivered all the messages and ignited the enthusiasm again for the job.

I have shifted things around in the staff meeting schedule so this Tuesday I will continue with following up on the agreements for writing straight away. Striking while the iron is hot!

Rachel Brock

Headteacher, Estcots Primary School, East Grinstead

Bespoke support for your school

Here's a taste of what you

can experience...

Curriculum Design and Implementation

We help you design a bold curriculum focusing on character as well as intellectual development.
Our curriculum approach allows every child to flourish.
We support you developing your long-term map ensuring it is relevant to your school and contemporary.
We then lead on planning the term’s learning with each phase or year team, and through practical
workshops bring the planning alive.


We provide 1:1 or group coaching sessions and these can be one-off or ongoing. We have worked to develop NQTs and teachers who are struggling to move their practice forward through monitoring, feedback and support.

Supported Planning

We can work with your teachers and teaching assistants to plan the term, weaving a memorable learning journey around key texts and enrichments. Our planning approach is rigorous and in depth whilst creative, connected and exciting.

Leadership Support

We offer leadership support to Heads, those aspiring to leadership, middle managers and governors.
We are experienced in providing intensive support in an interim situation.

Parent Meetings

We can lead talks or training sessions for parents. These can be communicating change, new
methods of working or can be focused on specific areas such as reading and writing.

Bespoke Training

We can lead bespoke training days for small or large groups based on the areas of interest to you.
Our training includes workshops and practical sessions. We don’t believe in endless presentations, instead we give you working examples and the know-how to be able to implement ideas straight away.

Classroom Design

We are experienced in the theory of classroom design and its impact on learning. We show you how to maximise the effectiveness of your learning environment and how to promote self management in children beyond Early Years. This may involve working with you to de-clutter (we’ll be there lifting and shifting!) as well as creating learning zones and themed areas.